• modular training = maximum of flexibility 
  • theory online = independent in time and location 
  • state recognition = quality and government aid 
  • international trainer team = experience and authenticity 
  • individual coaching = personal and practical 
  • small groups = intensive training support 

Explain to me and I shall forget. Show me and I shall remember. Let me do and I shall understand.“ 
– Konfuzius

To train as a yoga teacher is one thing foremost: the deep rooting of your own prctice. 

During our modular teacher training you will experience utter transformation in body and mind that will leave an imprint- not only if you are teaching later on. Exeeding the International standarts you will be given further elements that enrich your everyday life as much as your teaching. 

The teacher training takes one month alltogether (divided into two modules of 2 weeks each) and includes the classical curriculum of a 200 HRS training, plus content that is especially given during the be better YOGA Teacher Training. (see „Training content“) 

be better has been recognized as Health Education Provider of German Senat Quality Standarts. Thus German residents can apply for Educational Leave at their work place and apply for State educational bonus up to 1000,- euros per Training. 

We are convinced by our programm. Convince yourself by testing us.

To give you the opportunity to try our training before committing to a full course, we have created the option to join for one week per module. 

Our "Intensive Retreat"

Called „Intensive Retreat“ this week allows you to experience the intense diving into asana practice, anatomy and philosophy classes and meditation without having to take the exam. Of course in this case you will not receive a certificate. But if you decide to take the full training during your stay, you can change plans and stay for the full time. Actually, this happens in most cases … ; ) 

be better is recognized!

State recognition

The be better YOGA Teacher Training is officially recognized by the Senat to offer Health Education. Thus you can apply for Educational Leave during work.

State Educational Bonus

Each module is supported with up to 500,- Euros from the German State Educational Bonus Program. Find out how to apply.

Recognized – by Yoga Alliance

Our be better YOGA Advanced Retreats are recognized as „Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Program” and can be certified as 50 HRS Continuing Education.

Certified – by Yoga Alliance

Our be better YOGA Teacher Trainings are recognized after “Yoga Alliance Education Standards” and will be certified as 200 HRS YTTC after successful completion.

Curriculum of our be better YOGA Teacher Training

You can start our training with module A as well as module B. Both modules are to be done in your chosen sequence. There will be closed curriculi as well as seperate exams, so you have a maximum of flexibility in chosing how much time and money you can invest in one year. 

Module A of our teacher training will take place from April 29th to Mai 11th 2019 in Berlin at beautiful Griebnitz Lake. Module B2019 will take place there as well from September 16thto 27th 2019.


Training Content

The curriculum of the be better YOGA Teacher Training 

meets the international 200 HRS standarts.

To offer as many people as possible the chance to take part in this training, we have split it into two modules of 2 weeks each. Thus even people with a regular job can do it and still make a real yogic experience of deep, ongoing practice.